Hello there! My name is Vicky To, I am a non-binary trans Vietnamese-Canadian Actor and Props Master/Builder.

Represented by Liz Hampton @ Catalyst TCM

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Union Affiliation:

Full Member - ACTRA

Props Permit - IATSE 873 

Props Permit - NABET-700M UNIFOR 

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Production Experience

Twisted Neighbour (MOW) - Props Master // NE Twisted Neighbour Productions ULC

Really Happy Someday (Feature) - Production Designer // Spindle Films

Bria Mack Gets a Life (Season 1) - Daily Props Assistant // Bria Mack Productions Inc

The Popularity Papers (Season 1) - Daily Props Assistant // Pop Papers Productions

Run The Burbs (Season 2) - Daily Props Assistant // RTBS2 Productions ULC

Deadly Estate (MOW) - Property Master // NE DEST Productions ULC

Queen of Bones (Feature) - Props Buyer & Builder // QOB Productions

Pretty Hard Cases (Season 3) - Daily Props Assistant // PHC3 Productions ULC

Robyn Hood (Season 1) - Daily Props Assistant // Robyn Hood Productions Limited

Sort Of (Season 2) - Assistant Property Master // Sphere Sort Of 2 Inc.

Pioneer Girl (Teaser) - Property Master // Uncle & Ante Inc.

Brooke and Sam (Feature) - 1st Props Assistant // Barn 12 Productions

Workin' Mom's (Season 6) - 2nd Props Assistant // Workin' Mom Productions VI ULC

Inc*rporated (Season 1) - Director // J. Argo Productions

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Season 1) - Set Dec Builder // Streak Productions

SEE (Season 2) - Props Builder // Eye On The Ball 2 Productions

Acting Experience

Guide To Surviving The Holidays (Theatre) - Understudy // Second City Toronto

Gay Mean Girls (Season 2) - Lead // GMG Season 2 Inc.

Inc*rporated (Season 1) - Lead // J. Argo Productions

Sing Sing (Theatre) - Kathy // SCTC Acting Lab Conservatory

Five Women (Theatre) - Frances // SCTC Acting Lab Conservatory

The Heist (Theatre) - Sam // SCTC Acting Lab Conservatory

Snapping Turtles (Theatre) - Alex // SCTC Acting Lab Conservatory


Props Building: Mould-Making, Casting, Plastic Fabrication, Wood-Working, Metal Fabrication, Laser-Cutting

Acting: Dramatic & Comedic - Scripted On-Screen TV/Film

Production: On-Set Props, Directing, Script Supervising, Writing

Design: Illustration, Laser-Cutting, File Preparation, Screenprinting, Fabrication

Printmaking: Screenprinting, Risograph, Relief Carving, Letterpress, Photographic Intaglio, Photo Lithography, Traditional Lithography

Selected Clients

DesignTO Festival

Audi Canada

TAXI Ad Agency

Project 40 Collective

Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)

Informa Events: Artist Project

In The Frame Rentals

Tactilight Designs

Secret Planet Print Shop

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